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Service Provided


  • Advising on the selection of a trademark, brand name or company name.
  • Searching the availability of trademark or brand name for registration.
  • Filing and prosecuting Trade Mark and Service Mark applications at the Indian Trademarks Registry and foreign countries.
  • Maintenance of a trademark, i.e. periodical payment of renewal fees, recording the changes of ownership of the trademarketc
  • Assignments, Licenses & Agreements in matters relating to Trademarks.
  • Legal advise on infringement of a trademark, passing off or any kind of unfair competition
  • Conducting litigation, opposition, revocation, rectification, appeals, suits for infringement and passing off and anti-counterfeit action or unfair competition.
  • Advising and taking actions related to Domain name disputes involving Trademarks.
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Trademark Infringement Monitoring & Investigations

Watch Service

We screen the Trademark Journal (Indian) for any interested trademark of our clients and notify them of any similar trademarkswhen published together with our opinion on any legal strategies to be followed.


  • Preliminary advise on the patentability of an invention
  • Drafting and vetting of patent specifications, claims and drawings.
  • Filing and prosecuting patent applications
  • Maintenance of a patent by paying annuities
  • Assignments, Licenses & Agreements in matters relating to Patents
  • Legal advise on infringement of a patent
  • Conducting litigation, opposition, revocation, appeals and suits for infringement of Patents.
  • Alternative dispute resolution

Industrial Designs

  • Preliminary advise on the registrability of an industrial design
  • Filing and prosecuting applications for registration of Designs
  • Assignments, Licenses & Agreements in matters relating to Industrial Designs
  • Legal advise on infringement of design rights
  • Conducting litigation, opposition, cancellation, suits for infringement of Industrial designs.
  • Alternative dispute resolution


  • Consultancy in matters of copyright
  • Filing and prosecuting applications for registration of copyright, if necessary
  • Advise on infringement of copyright and anti piracy measures
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Assignments, Licenses & Agreements in matters relating to Copyrights
  • Litigation on matters touching copyright and related rights

Contracts & IP Transactions

  • Contract/Agreement Drafting and Review
  • Agreement Drafting
  • Agreement Review
  • Negotiation & Representation
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Online Agreements
  • Transfer Of Technology Agreements

The various other services provided by the firm involves:

  • Litigation
  • Anti-Counterfeit & Infringement Litigation
  • Agreement & Document Drafting
  • Technology Transfers
  • IP Training & Education

John Mathew & Associates
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