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The Law Firm John Mathew & Associates was established at Cochin, India in the year 1999 exclusively for the protection of intellectual property rights and to meet the challenges in the twenty first century. Advocate John Mathew with nearly two decades long international experience in intellectual property rights, took up the challenge and established this law firm in Cochin. This firm is an immediate source of information on intellectual property laws for industries, business organizations, government departments and the members of the legal profession in the State of Kerala, India.

Within a short span of time, this law firm strived to be a firm of excellence adhering to highest professional and ethical standards. Even at this humble beginning, the confidence bestowed on this firm by the industry and the legal profession world over is amazing. This is our strength and source of inspiration

India is one of the largest market for the global industry. Therefore, it is quite natural for international lawyers to have a genuine source of authentic information of the rules and procedures of their speciality in this part of the world. That need is met by John Mathew & Associates and this web site. Similarly this law firm with contacts and associates all over the world will be able to provide excellent assistance to all those Indian businessmen and industry doing global business.

Presently we are a group of five lawyers and a team of supporting staff. A brief profile of our team is included in these pages. It will be our pleasure to assist everyone and provide professional advise related to intellectual property rights


John Mathew & Associates
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